The Team

Who We Are

Wannenmacher Advertising Company, Inc. was established in November 1985 by Paul Wannenmacher, who purchased and renovated the company’s downtown building in 1988.

The agency serves clients in the Midwest with services including market planning, advertising, media strategy, graphic design, web design, advertising specialties, trade show management and event planning.

Core Principles

The agency has core principles that are based on these three attributes:

  • Leadership with a focus on our clients’ results in additional sales, profits and long-term image
  • Creative work that develops and promotes the uniqueness of our clients
  • Value is our ongoing goal for each and every client

Focus & Fire

Advertising agencies began in the United States in the 1842 when Volney B. Palmer started working with clients on media negotiations. With the passage of time, copywriting services were added to enhance advertising productivity.  As the industry evolved, market planning, graphic design services, radio and then television production brought to clients the branding necessary to compete.

At Wannenmacher Advertising Company, we keep a focus and your customer, their buying trends and the overall marketplace, allowing you to reap the benefits of an ever-changing landscape of opportunity.  We refer to this process as Focus and Fire. From the early advertising agency to today’s high tech shop, the process of developing a message and efficiency distributing the message is the same. It’s just that the tools today are more complex and challenging.

When you need a team that can make your marketing plan a reality, Wannenmacher Advertising can deliver your message in this cluttered media environment.